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nu age.

A kannivalism Fanworks Community

nu age. - A kannivalism Fanworks Community
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A fanworks community for the JRock group kannivalism, and its individual members.

The Band: 兒玉怜 (Kodama Ryou) - Vocals; 濱田圭 (Hamada Kei) - Guitar/Piano; 富山裕地 (Tomiyama Yuchi) - (formerly 8342) Bass; 桐 (Kiri Koshikawa) - Drums
History: kannivalism was orginally formed in 2001. However, Ryou and Kei had been working together for years before that, starting as Kagerou roadies, and then in forming the band Clarity. In their first year, kannivalism released one single, and then promptly disbanded after only six months. Ryou and Kei continued to work together in Baroque, and Yuchi joined K@mikaze and also worked as a support member for 雅 -miyavi-. Kiri would eventually join the Indies band heidi. After the disbandment of Baroque, kannivalism regrouped in 2005 (minus Kiri), and released hit after hit, adding to their fanbase.
Currently: In the beginning of 2008, it was announced that Ryou would be hospitalized for depression, postponing the expected new album, and bringing the band into hiatus.
Discography: Kannivalism逝ってキマス (2001); 奏功 Humority (2006); リトリ (2006); ホシの夜 (2007); nu age. (2007); Small World (2007); Monochrome (2007)


1. Any fanwork is welcome. This includes, but is not limited to, fanfiction, fanart, fanvideos, graphics, etc.
2. Please friends lock anything with explicit content.
3. Fanworks covering any other period than kannivalism (i.e. baroque, K@mikaze, heidi.) is allowed, as long as any kannivalism members (either current or former) are featured.
4. Please use proper headings and LJ cuts.
5. This is a fanworks community ONLY. For news posts or rumor posts, please go to kannivalism
6. Keep it friendly, please.